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Parable: Purpose in life

There once was a very rich and powerful king who lived in the most extravagant castle. He prided himself in entertaining other kings in his beautiful castle. He invited king after king to come and see his castle until there where no more kings to invite. He was lost as to what he was now going to do, and remembered one king mentioning that a spirit man existed who had a flask which produced a genie. He sent his men out to find this spirit man in the hope of obtaining his flask. After a short time the king’s men presented the spirit man to the king.

The king asked the spirit man “can I swap you your flask, for this gold one. It is much more valuable” The spirit man replied “Thank you for such a generous offer, however I must refuse. This flask was given to me by my mother” The king conceded and the spirit man left his castle. Once the spirit mans was on his way the king ordered the guards to go after him, bash the spirit man and take his flask.

The guards returned with the spirit mans flask to the king and let him be. He stroked the flask ans sure enough a genie popped out of the flask and said “You wish in my command”. The king said “Genie, I want 100 gold pieces” and the genie said “Why king you and so rick and powerful. I am here to give you anything you want, and all you want is 100 gold pieces, why not 200?” The king replied “Ok.. 200 gold pieces” .. The genie replied “Dearest king, you ask for so little only 200 gold pieces, why not 400?” .. So the king responded “I want 1000 gold pieces” .. The genie replied “Dearest king, you can have anything in the world and you only wand 1000 gold pieces??”.. The king replied “I want a bigger castle” to which the genie replied “Dearest king, you can have anything in the world and you only want one new castle?” The king responded “I want two new amazing castles?” …..

The king and the genie continued the process for three days and the king dies.

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