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We developed TagAlong Mail in 2005 in response to a gap in the small business market. We found there was a substantial amount of businesses in Australia that operated from a ISP email address (youname@bigpond.com). Most of the time these businesses did not require a website and as such there was no company offering a stand alone email service.

Today, it’s vital for a business to have a business branded email address (info@yourbusiness.com.au).

An email address is a silent yet powerful prospecting tool, which helps brand a business, and adds an advanced level of security and professionalism to a company’s operation.

Every business should have an email address which provides:

  • Business Branding – Why brand your ISP when you can be branding your business? Every time someone reads a business branded email, they will be exposed to your business name.
  • 24-7 Global Access – Every business needs the ability to check email from any computer throughout the world. This is a powerful and necessary element that allows a business to respond quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Enhanced Security and Backed Up Data – All Companies must protect their business intelligence, and safeguard their customer information with added security features, and regularly backed up data.

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