QNBI Business List

Queensland New Business Initiative was established to assist new Queensland businesses with the challenging endeavour of building a business from scratch. The benefit of the Queensland New Business Initiative is that it connects new Queensland businesses with reputable suppliers for services they are likely to require in the early stages of developing their business.

The primary objective of the Queensland New Business Initiative is to:

  • Increase the success rate of new Queensland businesses by connecting them with reputable suppliers;
  • Promote local trade by providing local suppliers with the contact details of new local businesses; and
  • Provide an effective marketing tool to Queensland suppliers
Printing Align

Wonderful service to be offering new businesses. I didn’t even know there was an industry association that I could join for support!

Real Estate on Mitchell

.. it was fantastic to be offered a range of services I required as a new business. I received a letter from a printer, a sign company and a bookkeeper.


All the services I needed for my new business found me! Even the ones I hadn’t thought of yet!

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