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We started Lis Hosting because we knew there were others like us: other web agencies who wanted to promise their clients that their websites and email would work without being the ones responsible for all the technology.

It’s not that we think the agencies and freelancers building The Web (sorry, The Web 2.0) are scared of a little hard work. Actually, that’s one gig that isn’t easy. We just think to excel at innovating, you have to spend all your time doing innovative things (like graphics and coding) and none of your time worrying about a web server.

And speaking of innovation, why weren’t the hosting companies stepping up to the plate? The only ones we could find were either asking us to share a server crammed full of other sites or get our own “box”- and figure out how to keep it online.

When we couldn’t find anyone offering advanced technology that meet our needs at a reasonable price, we decided to figure out a way to do it ourselves. Maybe it wasn’t an idea that would change the world, but it sure would make life a lot easier for people like us.

Backed By Rackspace

What we wanted to do was pretty complex but we were lucky enough to have the the support of Rackspace Managed Hosting, an industry leader that currently manages over 17,000 servers for customers all over the world.

Because we were determined to provide a reliable service the partnership with Rackspace proved invaluable. They have a large amount of expertise with advanced Windows and Linux configurations, and their Zero-Downtime Network has lived up to its name for over four years.

– Joseph Ryan (Design Seven)

“I just love Lis Hosting. After years of screaming for help with another company and getting nothing, you guys are a godsend! THANK YOU, THANK, YOU THANK YOU!”

Our Secret Sauce

No matter when you call the Lis Hosting number, we promise there will be a real human on the phone to help with your hosting, and that your urgent questions won’t disappear into some invisible online ticket queue.

Heidi Shannon (BusiWizard Coaching and Training Services)

“Just a quick note to say a huge thank you to LIS Hosting for you consistent support and great service. As a business consultant I am constantly searching for reputable companies to pass on to my clients, and WOW it looks like I have found one!

I am smitten with your hosting services, not to mention your website building facility which after years of trying out many of them I am so completely satisfied I will never use another.

Not only are your services great value for money, but your service is to die for.

You are friendly, helpful and reliable and that is something to rave about in this day and age.

I wish you all the best in your business ventures and I will send many a client your way.

Best Wishes and Good Luck.”

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