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Email Spotlight is a sophisticated yet simple email marketing product which allows your business to communicate with your customers via email quickly and with amazing reliability.

In a nutshell Email Spotlight provides your business with easy to use tools, to add your own content, select recipients and schedule your delivery.

We have developed a live editor which allows you to see your email as you build it. You can add your own text and images to your template and even change the order in which any items appear. The moment you add your own content we’ll automatically save your draft so you can come back and finish it later.

Every Email Spotlight account comes with a set of great looking free email templates that you can start using immediately. Looking for customization of your template? Check out our designs page for information about adding custom templates to your arsenal. Each email you send can utilize a different design template. It’s up to you!

  • Complete sender control – You can use your own ‘from name’ and email address, so the email always looks like it comes from you. You can also select your own subject and which email address any replies should be forwarded to. We take all the messy work out of the equation by processing any bounces and unsubscribes for you automatically.
  • Send now or schedule for later – Once you’re happy with your email, send yourself a test version to check it out. Then, send to your list immediately or schedule it for delivery at another time. This way you can build your campaigns in advance and schedule them for delivery tomorrow, next month or any time in between.
  • Only pay when you actually send a campaign – Our unique pricing model means that you never pay any setup, monthly or hidden fees and you only pay when you’re actually sending a campaign.

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