About Us

Since 1999 LIS has become a leading Australian IT solutions agency with a growing digital presence.  Lis sources and builds Innovative Products and Services that allow individuals and organizations to integrate their businesses with the Internet. Right from basic building blocks such as domain names & web hosting, to more complex solutions built for specific industry verticals, we have the perfect mix of solutions you need to enable your Business.

Director: Jonathan Horne

“After completing university, I was operating a web design business and found that a major part of my reputation relied upon “faceless” international suppliers for hosting, emails & domains. What would I do if they disappeared??”

Our brands and network are all based on the common goal of empowering your business with products and services that allow you to capitalise on new and innovative technologies available online.

  • Build My Site – Online website builder
  • Email Spotlight – Email marketing system
  • LIS Hosting – Wholesale website hosting
  • Tag Along Mail – Branded email for small business
  • QNBI Business List – New business leads from QLD OFT
  • Secure My Domain – Australian domain registrar

We believe in transparency, which is often hard to find in the online world of resellers on top of resellers. You can be confident when you are dealing with Lis that we communicate truthfully and take accountability for everything we do.

A breakdown of our vision:
•To build and source products which allow businesses to increase their efficiency, productivity, competitiveness and capability in the information age.